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565 E William & Mary Dr. (765) 327-7157
Centerton, IN 46151 info@rest-ministries.org

A Dream or a Nightmare?

A look back / June 15, 2017

Do you believe God still speaks through dreams? We do! Mid June God gave us not just one dream, but a series of dreams that we were having a baby. Now when you’re a young married couple that might be exciting, but when you’re in your 60’s and are enjoying the blessings of grandchildren…dreams of that nature might be classified as nightmares!

One of these dreams was of a baby left on our doorstep! The very unusual characteristic of this baby was, while newborn in size, it had fully developed speech and was a talking baby!

While we weren’t compelled to furnish a nursery or pick names for a baby, we strongly believed God was up to something and going to “birth something new” in REST Ministries!

What Will This Baby Look Like?

A look back / July 8, 2017

On this typical hot and muggy summer day, Roxanne Crosby came to visit us at the Inn wanting to learn more about REST Ministries and Shepherd’s Gate Inn.

After hearing how God had divinely birthed REST Ministries in 2002 and then brought us to Shepherd’s Gate Inn in 2010, she shared with us how God had lead her to buy a property with 2 log cabin style homes 3 1/2 years prior. God was currently leading Roxanne to hand off her property located near Nashville, Indiana, to an existing retreat ministry so the property could be used to it’s fullest potential as a retreat home.

Within 24 hours we toured her lovely serene 28-acre property and God was beginning to reveal His heart to birth an additional location for REST Ministries to operate another retreat home.

…and This Baby Talks!

A look back / July 26, 2017

After much prayer and pressing into the Lord, Roxanne felt lead to become an even greater part of REST Ministries and we explored together the idea of her becoming the new Inn Keeper at Shepherd’s Gate Inn, which would allow us to move to the Nashville, Indiana property to further develop ministry opportunities at this new location.

When God Moves, Hang on for the Ride!

A look back / November 8, 2017

We have been and continue to be amazed by God’s plans and His creative ways of revealing those to us! Roxanne has now moved into the Inn as the new Inn Keeper / Resident Pastor and we have moved to the Staff House at the 2nd location, which has been named Shepherd’s Gate Guest House.

This new property will be used specifically for missionary families and pastoral families for a up to a 2 week stay. In October and November we have already hosted guests at the Guest House for a total of 30 days and we’ve not even advertised!


Shepherd’s Gate Guest House








Celebrating the New Baby!

Moving forward / December 2017

When you give birth to one of God’s most amazing creations, you enthusiastically desire to tell the entire world of your new baby. You yearn for everybody to celebrate your news and join your happiness! Everyone waits breathlessly, eagerly anticipating the phone call. Then the moment arrives; everyone rushes to see and hold the baby. Friends and family alike join in the merriment, bringing gifts, taking pictures and of course giving their opinion of who the baby looks most like!

Likewise, we want all of you, our REST Ministries family and friends, to join us in our celebration of the new birth of Shepherd’s Gate Guest house! We’ve got pictures of our new baby to share! Will you join us in our enormous celebration of God’s blessing?

When God drops a baby on your doorstep, you can’t say, no thanks, not right now…you must say YES, BRING IT ON GOD! There are missionaries and ministers serving God all around the world desperately in need of rest; we had to say, “Yes, God deliver your baby NOW!” When God moves in such mighty and amazing ways, it creates a lot of new opportunities for our ministry to jump in and join Him where He is working. It also creates a lot of opportunities for you to join God and us on this new exciting adventure!

As you are aware, adding a new member to your family adds to the cost of raising your family. Likewise, adding another new location and new opportunities also comes with a cost as well. Right now we need 30 families to join us with an ongoing commitment of $100 monthly, 60 families to commit to $50 monthly and many one-time gifts to assist us with “raising our new baby,” so we can provide much needed rest for those serving God full time and their families.

 2 Simple Ways to Give a Your Tax Deductible Gift

  1. Online via debit / credit, or e-check. Set up recurring donations or Give a one-time gift. Click here to give online
  2. Postal mail at our NEW MAILING ADDRESS:

REST Ministries
4470 Covered Bridge Rd.
Nashville, IN 47448

Thank you for joining us! We could not raise our new baby without your financial help and prayers!

May you be blessed as you celebrate Jesus this Christmas season. He is the baby that changed life for all of us!

Chuck & Becka Lehman
REST Ministries Executive Directors

PS If you are a pastor or missionary who would like to book a personal retreat at the Guest House, please contact us, info@rest-ministries.org



REST Ministries / Shepherd’s Gate Inn

request the pleasure of your company for our

2017 Dinner Celebration & Silent Auction

September 23, 2017, 5:30-8:30pm

The Palms Banquet & Conference Center

2353 East Perry Road, Plainfield, Indiana



Join us as we celebrate 14 years of ministry and 7 years at Shepherd’s Gate Inn! This event promises to be an exciting and encouraging evening celebrating God’s abundance! Come and hear the amazing things God is doing when people strategically withdraw from the busyness of life to “be still” while retreating at Shepherd’s Gate Inn.

The evening begins with registration and silent auction at 5:30-6pm.

Limited seating / Reservations required / adults only / business causal attire requested

An opportunity for a financial faith investment will be provided.

Our Dinner Celebration is a FREE event but you must register to attend! Registration deadline: September 9th. Click here to register. Can’t attend but would like to give a gift? You can register as a non attendee, but choose to give a gift!


A seminar to equip those in ministry to better walk alongside those who are grieving.

 – I don’t know how to help…
 – I perform funerals but still don’t know what to say or do the weeks following…
 – How do I train my staff to walk with those in grief?


These concerns come from missionaries, laymen, and even pastors. Few people feel equipped to know how to respond to a co-worker, church member, or friend in grief. Fearing what we don’t understand, we slowly pull away leaving our friend feeling even more isolated and alone at their deepest point of need.

REST Ministries / Shepherd’s Gate Inn is excited to partner again with Michael and Dana Russo to host our 2nd annual Navigating Grief Seminar.

This interactive seminar is designed with ministry leaders in mind. Michael and Dana Russo will facilitate the seminar drawing from 40 years in ministry, masters in mental health counseling, and personal losses.  Both Michael and Dana are certified in Death and Bereavement Studies with countless hours meeting with individuals in grief.

Navigating Grief explores a wide range of topics related to bereavement caregiving:

    ·      Misconceptions surrounding grief
    ·      Understanding grief in a mourning-avoidant culture
    ·      Non-death losses
    ·      Unique influences on grief
    ·      Exploring reconciliation vs resolution
    ·      Practical skills in how to respond to and how to help someone in grief

You will walk away with greater understanding and feel equipped and more comfortable to move toward someone in grief verses away.


WHEN:  Thursday, June 22, 2017, 9:00 – 12:30pm with lunch immediately following (additional afternoon option*)

WHERE: Shepherd’s Gate Inn, 565 E William & Mary Dr., Martinsville, Indiana 46151

COST: $75 per person; lunch included

*Afternoon option: Take advantage of the beautiful grounds at Shepherd’s Gate Inn for a few hours of personal retreat. Michael and Dana will also be available for Q & A and / or appointments.

Online registration only / CLICK HERE to register. Registration deadline June 15th.

Please forward this email to leaders in your church or other ministry leaders who may be interested in attending

Questions: Call Shepherd’s Gate Inn 765-327-7157 or email becka@rest-ministries.org



REST Ministries / Shepherd’s Gate Inn

requests the pleasure of your company

2016 Dinner Celebration: “A FEAST OF GOD’S ABUNDANCE”

October 1, 2016, 5:30-8:30pm

Jonathan Byrd’s Banquet Center

100 Byrd Way, Greenwood, Indiana



Join us as we celebrate 13 years of ministry! This event promises to be an exciting and encouraging evening celebrating God’s abundance! Come and hear the amazing things God is doing when people strategically withdraw from the busyness of life to “be still” while retreating at Shepherd’s Gate Inn.

The evening begins with Registration and Silent Auction at 5:30-6pm.

Limited seating / Reservations required / adults only / business causal attire requested

An opportunity for a financial faith investment will be provided.

Our Dinner Celebration is a FREE event but you must register to attend! Registration deadline: September 15th. Click here to register. Can’t attend but would like to give a gift? You can register as a non attendee, but choose to give a gift!


Pave the Way



Do you know the answer to the question above?

1555 = the number of square yards of asphalt on the Shepherd’s Gate Inn driveway that must be replaced before the first snowfall

11.25 = the number of square yards of space consumed by the average midsize car

200 =  the amount of dollars required to pave a section of the drive the size of that midsize car

138 =  the number of donors giving $200 it will take to complete the entire project

31 = the number of days in which we need to raise the funds to repair the drive

YOU = the key to successfully repairing the drive so ministry can continue uninterrupted at Shepherd’s Gate Inn


YOU are a vital part of the ministry that happens at Shepherd’s Gate Inn. You may be a past guest that was impacted by your stay at the Inn; you may be a prayer advocate or financial partner of the ministry, or you may be one of our 150 volunteers. You are a vital part of what happens here and we need your help today.
frozen CBL
The last two winters have taken their toll on Shepherd’s Gate’s steep quarter mile long driveway. The base of the asphalt has cracked and is sagging to the point that plowing attempts this winter will be futile. Last year alone, countless hours were spent walking the extremely steep driveway and shoveling the depressed areas of the drive by hand!

We desire to be good stewards of the resources God has given us, so we are heeding a call to action now in order to eliminate further erosion and damage caused by delaying the repair, a bold step which has the potential to save untold thousands of dollars in repairs and wasted man hours. We have procured a Christian owned paving company to do the repair work so we are assured of quality work at a fair price.

We enlist your assistance; by joining in and donating today.

Together we can pave the way for others to experience God’s mighty hand at work at Shepherd’s Gate Inn.


2 Easy Ways to Give…

1.  Click here Untitled-2to give online with credit card, debit card, or e-check

2.  Mail a check to: REST Ministries, 565 E. William and Mary Dr., Martinsville, IN 46151 and include “Pave the Way” on the memo line

REST Ministries is a registered 501(3)(c) non-profit organization and tax donation receipts will issued for all gifts.




002You probably won’t find a Hallmark card to celebrate today, but I’m certain the Throne Room is a busy place today with the prayers of the saints being lifted up on this National Day of Prayer here in America.

Many prayer events are being held across the country, but REST Ministries was invited to create a prayer station as a part of an interactive prayer walk being held at Chapel Rock Christian Church in Indianapolis.

Our prayer station, pictured in the photo, invites people into God’s presence and participants are given the following devotional thoughts to help them focus on the Lord:

When I was a young boy I loved to play outside on hot
summer days. One of the things I enjoyed doing was to
take a magnifying glass and hold it in the sun, focusing the rays of the sun into a powerful concentrated tiny dot of light. With this tiny dot of light I would melt things, burn my name into pieces of wood and start small fires! It didn’t take me long to find out that if I didn’t hold the focus of the magnifying glass tight enough or if I kept it moving around too much, I couldn’t harness the power of the sun so it would be strong enough to accomplish anything. The more distractions around me, the more difficult I found it to be still and focus the power of the sun.

Just as in the case of my focusing the magnifying glass to concentrate on “the sun,” in our Christian walk, we must frequently pause to concentrate all of our focus on “The Son.” When we truly keep focused on Jesus, The Son, and our intimate relationship with Him, we will unleash the full power of God in our life! Undoubtedly, the busier we are and the more distractions around us, the more difficult it is to clearly focus on Jesus and soak in His presence.

Spend some time right now to be still and keep your “magnifying glass” tightly focused on God. Spend time focusing on who God is and what He has done in your life; prayerfully thank and praise Him. During this prayer time, don’t allow the things of this world to distract your focus from the one thing that matters… our relationship with God!

Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.” NIV (Some versions say “stand silent, let go of your concerns, cease striving or quit fighting” in lieu of the words be still.)

We must focus on Jesus, the source and goal of our faith. He saw the joy ahead of him, so he endured death on the cross and ignored the disgrace it brought him. Then he received the highest position in heaven, the one next to the throne of God. Hebrews 12:2

Even if you can’t attend a prayer gathering, event, or prayer walk today, take some extra time to “be still” and help to fill the Throne Room with praises to the King of Kings! Also pray for God’s healing touch to blanket our great nation in our marriages / families, our churches and in our government.

“Hear the cry and the prayer that your servant is praying in Your presence this day.” I Kings 8:28


Under the street lightLittle did I know when I asked God what He wanted this letter to say, He would reveal it in such a tangible way on our trip home from Thanksgiving festivities. Then it happened – thump, bang, rattle, whirr. We coasted just off the road, under the only streetlight on the dark country road!

Click here to read “the rest of the story!”


Pastor, priest, minister…someone to shepherd the flock, but more often than not, their position in the church is viewed as CEO rather than someone caring for the souls of people.

These God ordained leaders of our churches face HUGE challenges and seem to bear a target on their back ready for satan’s attacks.

In his book, “Pastors at Greater Risk” H. B. London shares the following statistics on pastors:

  • 13% have marriages which have fallen apart and ended in divorce
  • 23% have been fired or pressured to resign their ministry position
  • 33% felt burned out within their first five years of ministry
  • 45% have experienced depression or burnout to the degree of needing a leave of absence
  • 56% of pastor’s wives say they have no close friends
  • 80% believe pastoral ministry affects their families negatively
  • 94% feel under pressure to have a perfect family

God’s leaders need some extra love and care which you can provide for them through words of encouragement and prayers lifted up on their behalf. Take it to the next step and ask God specifically how He would have you personally ministry to your pastor.

At Shepherd’s Gate Inn we host a monthly gathering for our local pastors. As they come together for God to feed their souls, we nourish their bodies with a tasty breakfast!

One of the items on today’s menu for the Pastor’s Breakfast was Cherry Cream Cheese Coffee Cake. Here’s the recipe so you can bake it and share it with your pastor over a cup of coffee or tea…and don’t forget to serve up a large portion of encouragement with your words!!!

Cherry Cream Cheese Coffee Cake

Cream Cheese Coffee Cake

2 1/4 c. flour
3/4 c. sugar
3/4 c. cold butter, cubed
1/2 t. baking powder
1/2 t. baking soda
1/2 t. salt
1 egg, lightly beaten
3/4 c. sour cream
1 t. almond extract

8 oz. cream cheese, softened
1/4 c. sugar
1 egg, lightly beaten
21 oz. cherry pie filling
1/2 c. slivered or sliced almonds

  1. Combine flour and sugar; cut in butter until crumbly. Set aside 3/4 c. crumb mixture. Add the baking powder, baking soda and salt to the remaining crumb mixture. Stir in the egg, sour cream and almond extract until blended.
  2. Press into bottom and 1 inch up the sides of an ungreased 9 inch springform pan. Place on a baking sheet.
  3. For filling, beat cream cheese and sugar for 1 minute. Add egg; beat just until combined. Spread over crust. Carefully top with pie filling. Sprinkle with almonds and reserved crumb mixture.
  4. Bake at 350 degrees for 50-60 minutes or until center is set. When cooled, carefully run a knife around edge of pan to loosen. Remove sides of pan. Store in refrigerator.

Yield: 12 servings


By Bill Walton

Taking a sabbatical (personal retreat) was not my idea…it was God’s.

When the leaders of my church offered me, their senior minister, a sabbatical, I knew God was calling me to come way with Him. I wanted and needed the time away, but as time for the sabbatical drew near, I was filled with apprehension.

Many great preachers and spiritual leaders give testimony of the energy and vision they receive from God during times of seclusion. My past experiences in sabbatical have not been those I cared to write about or ever repeat for that matter as God brought things like unconfessed sin to the forefront of my attention. Beneficial…yes. Pleasant…NO!!!

jacobwrestlingwiththeangelThis time God was calling me to spend two whole weeks sequestered with Him. What could possibly be so bad in my life that it would take two weeks to straighten out? So I approached my sabbatical feeling like Jacob on the shores of Jabbok, waiting for God to show up and wrestle.

Sure enough, the first two days were spent dealing with some pride issues which had evidenced itself in ways I did not even realize. Somehow, this time the “wrestling match” with God was different. Dealing with my pride in His presence, brought peace to my heart.

One morning I woke out of my sleep, singing the familiar children’s song, “Jesus Loves Me”. As the days of my retreat continued, I came to understand in far greater ways than ever before, Yes, Jesus loves ME! Yes, time alone with Him IS good!

Bill Walton was a recent guest at Shepherd’s Gate Inn and serves as the minister of Walton Christian Church in Walton, Indiana.




Relax, refresh and write! Shepherd’s Gate Inn is very excited to be hosting the Heartland Christian Writers Retreat this fall!  Come expecting to be encouraged and motivated, and leave with writing goals refined and focused. The Heartland Christian Writers Retreat offers rare personalized instruction in a warm, friendly atmosphere.
Click here to learn more!