When is a Tax Appointment a Prayer Meeting?


tax-day-2013We drove to Louisville, Kentucky for our yearly tax appointment with our accountant, feeling a real unusual sense of anticipation…really a peculiar feeling, because I used to dread my day with the tax accountant. This particular visit was out of the ordinary…much different!

We walked into the office of our tax advisor, John, and nobody was at the reception desk. After about 15 minutes of not seeing a single person in the office, the entire staff emerged from the conference room. John informed us that frequently a woman from his church feels the need to stop by his office and pray for his staff. On this particular occasion, the entire office shut down and had an hour-long prayer meeting! As astounding as that was, I could hardly believe the events that then followed!

We had walked into the accountant’s office for our tax appointment and a prayer meeting broke out in the lobby…not just any old prayer meeting but a God ordained and God directed prayer meeting! After only being introduced to us by name, the mighty prayer warrior insisted we needed to be prayed over as well.

For the next ten minutes I listened as one of the most powerful, prophetic prayers I had ever heard rolled off this woman’s lips directly to the throne of God. By the time we sat down with John, it was very difficult to focus on something as “earthbound” as income taxes!

Previously, taxes had driven me to prayer…God let me not owe any money and please make the refund large…God I pray I have all the information correct. But this was the first time taxes had ever driven prayer to me! That day impressed upon me two things. First I was impacted by the boldness of allowing the need for prayer to completely halt all other activities and host an impromptu prayer meeting. Secondly I discovered the need for me to be much more aware, in tune and discerning in efforts to embolden my own prayer life…it is the most powerful and frequently the least employed tool we have!

Be on the lookout…you never know when God may decide to use you to help make a prayer meeting break out in your workplace as well!

Praying anywhere,

Chuck Lehman

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