A Matter of Perspective


About fifteen years ago, I was listening to two guys on the radio talking about the moon. It was the radio announcer’s last question that really caught my interest, but it was the expert’s answer to the question that has resonated in my memory these many years. He asked, why most of the time, the moon looks so small in the sky – like a little ball; and then sometimes the moon looks huge and takes up the whole skyline.

super-moonThe expert went on to explain that most of the time the moon is up in the sky with nothing around it to put its size in perspective. The times the moon looks huge is when it’s low on the horizon and we have the horizon or skyline to put its size in perspective. The moon doesn’t really change in size – IT’S ALL A MATTER OF OUR PERSPECTIVE!!

I thought, how true in life; sometimes the things we face in life seem astronomically huge – overwhelming. If we just try to power through those problems on our own, they ARE huge; but we have something to give us a hope filled perspective – Jesus Christ! When you stack up all the things you are facing in life beside Jesus, it’s easy to see what is bigger.

With Jesus to keep things in perspective, it isn’t just the size of our problems that are affected; we view many things in a different way. The way we obtain, save, and spend money, the way we deal with and treat people, the things we value, how we talk, what we watch…Jesus keeps things in perspective.

Sometimes life gets in the way of our perspective and I find I need to just step back from life for a few moments to stack things up beside the Names of my God to regain perspective. When I am sick, I stack it up against Jehovah-Rophe – My Healer. When I am weak, I place it before my Strong Tower.

When I need guidance I seek the perspective given by My Shepherd. When I lack for provisions I fall before Jehovah Jireh – God will provide. When things look shaky, I seek the Sure Foundation. When confused I fall before Truth. Some days I need The Almighty, sometimes My Rock, sometimes The Redeemer, while other times I seek my Advocate…I could continue – there are over 700 Names of God in the Bible…that fact alone helps keep things in perspective!

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Keeping it in perspective,

Chuck Lehman


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