Another 25 Minutes Just Passed…


Twenty-five minutes – 1500 seconds…not much time when you really think about it. It is only a few minutes more than we average checking Facebook daily. Twenty–five minutes isn’t even one half of our lunch hour. Many of us spend more time than that driving to and from our work each day.

As we think about it, there doesn’t seem like much of anything of importance could happen in just twenty-five minutes. After all it takes a full twenty-five minutes just to make a box of Uncle Ben’s Wild Rice! Now I like a good plate of wild rice as much as the next guy, but I would hardly classify it as top priority importance!

Pause and think for a moment. In the time it will take me to jot this blog – the very same time it takes to boil a box of rice, our country will lose one more of its most precious resources. In this past twenty-five minutes, we will have lost one pastor from ministry due to moral failure, burnout, breakdown or contention within the church.

This reality costs us one of our priceless clergy every twenty-five minutes, twenty-four hours a day / seven days a week / fifty-two weeks a year! By the time we celebrate the incoming new-year in this country, over 21,000 individuals in ministry will walk away from their calling in ministry in 2011; and many will walk away from their faith entirely!

And as tragic as that statistic is, 21,000 heartrending losses in the lives of those in ministry…the ripple effect to their families and faith community is immeasurable! Tragic, catastrophic and heartrending loses, because many of these losses could have been diverted and avoided with the proper proactive, preventive care.

Just one aspect of ministry REST Ministries specializes in is this type of proactive pastoral care for those in ministry. For more information on how you can assist in this crucial work of rescuing pastors in distress contact us at with the subject line rescuing pastors. Also be watching here for a link to a video on this subject in the near future!

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