God Wants to Hang Out with Me?…Really?


bible_and_coffeeHow badly does God want to spend uninterrupted time with you? Exactly how much does God just want to hang out with you?

He desires to rest and be still with you so you can be still and know He is God and He can be exalted (Psalms 46:10). That desire for relationship with is at the core of God’s character and it is so strong He is willing to take care of you needs in advance so you can hang out with Him without interruptions! God has a track record of “paying it forward” so you can just be in his presence.

In Exodus 16:21-26 God provided the gift of Manna for the people of Israel as they wandered the wilderness. They were instructed not to hoard any and keep it over night…except on the 6th day God provided enough food to last until the morning of the 8th day! God provided so they could spend an uninterrupted day of rest with him!

Here is another amazing Biblical example; the Israelites were also called to observe the Sabbath Year, where every seventh year they didn’t plant crops and let the land lay fallow for the whole year so the soil could replenish itself. God provided in advance through a supernatural production of crops in the 6th year so as to last until harvest in the 9th year (Leviticus 25:18-22). God provided in advance for the people and the land to spend an uninterrupted year resting with God…God pays it forward!

However for us to “take advantage” of God’s generosity of paying it forward, it requires monumental trust! It requires a tremendous level of faith to stop our labor and rest in God’s presence. This is where the rubber hits the road, most of us struggle with this issue; we wrestle with questions like: how will the work get done if I take time off…if I take a day off, I won’t have enough money to meet my bills, how will I provide for my needs?

So sadly most of us trudge on under our own power, never ceasing our toil. It really comes down to our faith in God’s ability to provide for our needs if we stop and pause from our work to spend time in the presence of God! Did you catch that? Sadly, we frequently choose to put more faith in what we can accomplish than in what God can accomplish, therefore we never stop working to spend time with God, in His presence!

Let me say that again: it comes down to our faith in God’s ability to provide for our needs if we stop and pause from our work to spend time in the presence of God! Until we fully trust God to have our best interest in mind, we will never step away from our work long enough to give Him a chance to prove Himself…for Him to guide us, provide for us and minister to us!

We personally spend at least 3-4 days per quarter in Sabbath rest with God and without fail, more guests book retreats while we are gone than normally would in two – three weeks! More donations come in when we are obediently resting with God then we can drum up in several weeks of our meager efforts alone! Do you have enough faith to let God prove Himself? Be still…you will know He is God and He will be exalted!

Next time we will look at some things God uses to accomplish preparation in our pausing…

Hangin’ out with God,

Chuck Lehman


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