God’s Recent Gift to REST Ministries


A Dream or a Nightmare?

A look back / June 15, 2017

Do you believe God still speaks through dreams? We do! Mid June God gave us not just one dream, but a series of dreams that we were having a baby. Now when you’re a young married couple that might be exciting, but when you’re in your 60’s and are enjoying the blessings of grandchildren…dreams of that nature might be classified as nightmares!

One of these dreams was of a baby left on our doorstep! The very unusual characteristic of this baby was, while newborn in size, it had fully developed speech and was a talking baby!

While we weren’t compelled to furnish a nursery or pick names for a baby, we strongly believed God was up to something and going to “birth something new” in REST Ministries!

What Will This Baby Look Like?

A look back / July 8, 2017

On this typical hot and muggy summer day, Roxanne Crosby came to visit us at the Inn wanting to learn more about REST Ministries and Shepherd’s Gate Inn.

After hearing how God had divinely birthed REST Ministries in 2002 and then brought us to Shepherd’s Gate Inn in 2010, she shared with us how God had lead her to buy a property with 2 log cabin style homes 3 1/2 years prior. God was currently leading Roxanne to hand off her property located near Nashville, Indiana, to an existing retreat ministry so the property could be used to it’s fullest potential as a retreat home.

Within 24 hours we toured her lovely serene 28-acre property and God was beginning to reveal His heart to birth an additional location for REST Ministries to operate another retreat home.

…and This Baby Talks!

A look back / July 26, 2017

After much prayer and pressing into the Lord, Roxanne felt lead to become an even greater part of REST Ministries and we explored together the idea of her becoming the new Inn Keeper at Shepherd’s Gate Inn, which would allow us to move to the Nashville, Indiana property to further develop ministry opportunities at this new location.

When God Moves, Hang on for the Ride!

A look back / November 8, 2017

We have been and continue to be amazed by God’s plans and His creative ways of revealing those to us! Roxanne has now moved into the Inn as the new Inn Keeper / Resident Pastor and we have moved to the Staff House at the 2nd location, which has been named Shepherd’s Gate Guest House.

This new property will be used specifically for missionary families and pastoral families for a up to a 2 week stay. In October and November we have already hosted guests at the Guest House for a total of 30 days and we’ve not even advertised!


Shepherd’s Gate Guest House








Celebrating the New Baby!

Moving forward / December 2017

When you give birth to one of God’s most amazing creations, you enthusiastically desire to tell the entire world of your new baby. You yearn for everybody to celebrate your news and join your happiness! Everyone waits breathlessly, eagerly anticipating the phone call. Then the moment arrives; everyone rushes to see and hold the baby. Friends and family alike join in the merriment, bringing gifts, taking pictures and of course giving their opinion of who the baby looks most like!

Likewise, we want all of you, our REST Ministries family and friends, to join us in our celebration of the new birth of Shepherd’s Gate Guest house! We’ve got pictures of our new baby to share! Will you join us in our enormous celebration of God’s blessing?

When God drops a baby on your doorstep, you can’t say, no thanks, not right now…you must say YES, BRING IT ON GOD! There are missionaries and ministers serving God all around the world desperately in need of rest; we had to say, “Yes, God deliver your baby NOW!” When God moves in such mighty and amazing ways, it creates a lot of new opportunities for our ministry to jump in and join Him where He is working. It also creates a lot of opportunities for you to join God and us on this new exciting adventure!

As you are aware, adding a new member to your family adds to the cost of raising your family. Likewise, adding another new location and new opportunities also comes with a cost as well. Right now we need 30 families to join us with an ongoing commitment of $100 monthly, 60 families to commit to $50 monthly and many one-time gifts to assist us with “raising our new baby,” so we can provide much needed rest for those serving God full time and their families.

 2 Simple Ways to Give a Your Tax Deductible Gift

  1. Online via debit / credit, or e-check. Set up recurring donations or Give a one-time gift. Click here to give online
  2. Postal mail at our NEW MAILING ADDRESS:

REST Ministries
4470 Covered Bridge Rd.
Nashville, IN 47448

Thank you for joining us! We could not raise our new baby without your financial help and prayers!

May you be blessed as you celebrate Jesus this Christmas season. He is the baby that changed life for all of us!

Chuck & Becka Lehman
REST Ministries Executive Directors

PS If you are a pastor or missionary who would like to book a personal retreat at the Guest House, please contact us, info@rest-ministries.org


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