Help for Feasting on God’s Word


017Moving from Bible reading to Bible study can be easier than you might think. Think of a topic or subject of interest and perform a word study. For instance, if I want to learn more on fasting, I start with a concordance, a Bible dictionary and Bible commentaries. These can be purchased at any Christian bookstore; as well as many free versions are available on line. I find to be a great study resource.

I start by searching the Bible dictionary to find out the Biblical definition of fasting. Next I move to the concordance to find every time the word fasting is used and then I journal the answers to the following questions. Who was fasting? Why were they fasting…what was the purpose and reason? What type of fast was it? What did God accomplish when through the fast? Finally I look at the commentaries on the Scriptures where fasting was discussed to see what scholars are saying on the subject.

Another very quick way to excavate the Scriptures is to take a specific word from the passage and dig for buried treasure in that specific word. For example, I recently was reading Psalms 90:17, which reads

“May the favor of the Lord our God rest on us; establish the work of our hands for us— yes establish the work of our hands.”

I simply a standard dictionary and looked up the words favor and establish as well as their synonyms. I was astounded at the powerful impact this small verse had that I had previously overlooked!

Bible reading is like smelling the steak being grilled, but Bible study is like finally getting to enjoy eating the steak!

Enjoying the feast,

Chuck Lehman

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