Matthew 25


The parable of the 10 virgins is infamous in Christian circles for being one of the most haunting of Jesus’ parables. For those that are not familiar with Matthew 25:1-13, the basic synopsis is: 10 virgins go to meet the bridegroom, it is nighttime so they need lamps. Half are wise and bring extra oil, half are foolish and only bring what they have. The bridegroom gets delayed, the virgins fall asleep, bridegroom arrives, foolish ask to share, the wise say, “get your own!” So the bridegroom brings the wise into his wedding banquet and tells the foolish that he never knew them.

Misty Edwards, a worship leader/songwriter for International House of Prayer has an entire song dedicated to this passage ( She brings up a good point. Sometimes, we get so busy in our lives trying to shine our lamps for Christ that we forget to bring along extra oil and our lights burn out. Even though what we are doing is good and sanctioned by God, if we forget our oil our flames will flicker out. Another scary thought is that we are also tempted to give our oil to those who forgot theirs, leaving everyone without enough to last through the journey. So the question for ourselves is not whether or not we have oil, but rather do we have enough? And what will it take to get more?

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