Navigating Grief Seminar – June 23, 2016


Navigating Grief Seminar

  •      I don’t know how to help…
  •      I perform funerals but still don’t know what to say or do the weeks following…
  •      How do I train my staff to walk with those in grief?

These concerns come from missionaries, laymen, and even pastors. Few people feel equipped to know how to respond to a co-worker, church member, or friend in grief. Fearing what we don’t understand, we slowly pull away leaving our friend feeling even more isolated and alone at their deepest point of need.

REST Ministries / Shepherd’s Gate Inn is excited to partner with Michael and Dana Russo to host our first Navigating Grief Seminar.

This interactive seminar is designed with ministry leaders in mind. Michael and Dana will facilitate the seminar drawing from 38 years in ministry, masters in counseling, personal losses, grief ministries, and concentrated Death and Bereavement training.

Navigating Grief explores a wide range of topics related
to bereavement caregiving:

·      Misconceptions surrounding grief
·      Understanding grief in a mourning-avoidant culture
·      Non-death losses
·      Unique influences on grief
·      Exploring reconciliation vs resolution
·      Practical skills in how to respond to and how to help someone in grief

You will walk away with greater understanding and feel equipped and more comfortable to move toward someone in grief verses away.



WHEN:  Thursday, June 23, 2016 / 9:30am – 1pm (additional afternoon option*)

WHERE:  Shepherd’s Gate Inn, 565 E William & Mary Dr., Martinsville, Indiana

COST:  $45 per person; lunch included

*Afternoon option: Take advantage of the beautiful grounds at Shepherd’s Gate Inn for a few hours of personal retreat. Michael and Dana will also be available for Q & A and / or appointments.


Online registration only / Click here to register  /Registration deadline June 16th 
Please share this seminar with leaders in your church or other ministry leaders who may be interested in attending.
Questions: Call Shepherd’s Gate Inn 765-327-7157 or email

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