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Do you know the answer to the question above?

1555 = the number of square yards of asphalt on the Shepherd’s Gate Inn driveway that must be replaced before the first snowfall

11.25 = the number of square yards of space consumed by the average midsize car

200 =  the amount of dollars required to pave a section of the drive the size of that midsize car

138 =  the number of donors giving $200 it will take to complete the entire project

31 = the number of days in which we need to raise the funds to repair the drive

YOU = the key to successfully repairing the drive so ministry can continue uninterrupted at Shepherd’s Gate Inn


YOU are a vital part of the ministry that happens at Shepherd’s Gate Inn. You may be a past guest that was impacted by your stay at the Inn; you may be a prayer advocate or financial partner of the ministry, or you may be one of our 150 volunteers. You are a vital part of what happens here and we need your help today.
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The last two winters have taken their toll on Shepherd’s Gate’s steep quarter mile long driveway. The base of the asphalt has cracked and is sagging to the point that plowing attempts this winter will be futile. Last year alone, countless hours were spent walking the extremely steep driveway and shoveling the depressed areas of the drive by hand!

We desire to be good stewards of the resources God has given us, so we are heeding a call to action now in order to eliminate further erosion and damage caused by delaying the repair, a bold step which has the potential to save untold thousands of dollars in repairs and wasted man hours. We have procured a Christian owned paving company to do the repair work so we are assured of quality work at a fair price.

We enlist your assistance; by joining in and donating today.

Together we can pave the way for others to experience God’s mighty hand at work at Shepherd’s Gate Inn.


2 Easy Ways to Give…

1.  Click here Untitled-2to give online with credit card, debit card, or e-check

2.  Mail a check to: REST Ministries, 565 E. William and Mary Dr., Martinsville, IN 46151 and include “Pave the Way” on the memo line

REST Ministries is a registered 501(3)(c) non-profit organization and tax donation receipts will issued for all gifts.



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