Personal Retreat Tool Kit

Many people want to experience the fantastic benefits of a personal retreat, even those in full time ministry, but they don’t know what to do or where to begin! In addition to offering guided personal retreats (where REST Ministries comes along side you to interactively assist you in your personal retreat experience) we also offer a less structured, more informal tool to assist you in retreating!

REST Ministries Tool Kit for Personal Retreats is a practical, hands on, 60+ page PDF e-booklet to assist you in your personal retreat. This tool is helpful to assist you if you have never done a personal retreat or if you have done hundreds. There are even tools to help you assess your spiritual journey as well as many other useful assistants such as:

  • Personal retreat overview
  • Guiding Principles for personal retreats
  • Things to do and things to avoid
  • Fasting teaching and tips
  • An exploration of what the media is saying about sabbaticals
  • Testimonies
  • Sabbath history
  • Suggested Bible readings
  • Suggested Psalm readings
  • Attributes of God
  • Names of God
  • A personal retreat journal
  • Suggested book reading list
  • Spiritual assessment tool