Run Toward the Light


winter-snow-tree-blizzard“Just focus on the light and run toward the light!” Those were the words coursing through my head as I awoke from last night’s dream where I was in a blinding blizzard, about to loose my way in the robust, ranting squalls. Those words deeply impacted me…focus on the light and run toward it! As I pondered those words, chewing on every word like an old cow chews her cud, I was trying to extract every ounce of meaning for me. I realized we are quite good at running these days, however I think we more “run at” things rather than “running toward” something specific; the difference being the amount of focus.

We are very busy at our work; we run hard “at” our work. We play hard; we run hard “at” our play. Sometimes we even run hard at our worship, showing up ten minutes late to the service and checking out during the last point of the sermon! Let’s face it, we all run hard “at” something; seldom is there enough time to focus completely though! There is nothing wrong with running hard…as long as…

In order for our running hard to amount to anything, we need to balance running hard with
resting well! We have a friend who has an entire ministry built around that mantra; Run Hard,
Rest Well! The entire idea of establishing a pattern of work and rest is very Biblical; in fact
Sabbath rest rhythms gets its start in Genesis chapter one! The only thing that gives our work
significance is our resting; and modeled for us in Genesis one is the only way to rest well –
hanging out and resting with God!

Throughout the entire book of John, Jesus is frequently called by the name “Light.” Until we
decide to hit life’s’ pause button ceasing our work in order to focus on the Light and run toward
the Light, we will never rest well. And until we rest well we will never accomplish anything
more than running “at” things!

Are you weary and tired of running “at” things? I challenge you, try pausing one day per week
for a whole month to just focus on God (the Light). Spend four days that month running toward
the Light of God. I guarantee you will find more significance in life…not just your work! The
next several posts will explore what you can do as you “focus on the Light and run toward the

…Rest Well,

Chuck Lehman
REST Ministries / Shepherd’s Gate Inn

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