Struggling to Spend Time in God’s Word?


treasure chestNo matter how well intentioned, regular Bible reading will not be something that just happens. To consistently daily dig into God’s treasure chest of wisdom, it requires effort and accountability. I find a Bible reading plan to be just the little nudge I need.

There are many reading plans, some are topical, some are devotion based, some trek through the complete Bible while others are for the entire family. Some plans cost a few dollars, many are free and some are available for smart phones as well.

I find to have a well-rounded selection and a great place to start!

I also find it very helpful to use a different translation of the Bible every time I read through the Bible. The new wording often jumps out and grabs me giving new meaning to Scriptures I have overlooked before! Bibles on the computer are a great resource for new versions.

Digging for God’s Treasures,

Chuck Lehman

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