Suggested Links

Here are some links you may find helpful:

  • Light to the Nations Ministries  LttN’s primary focus is to assist the Church by equipping pastors and leaders to be more effective ministers of the Gospel who in turn equip their congregants for a life of intimacy with God. This site has a great resource of information helpful to your s
  • Harvest Prayer Ministry   Harvest Prayer Ministry exists to promote prayer in the lives of believers! Harvest Prayer Ministries works across denominational lines to help local churches become Houses of Prayer.
  • Click the link below for Harvest Prayer Shop – Access tons of helpful prayer resources!
  • Retreat Day  This is a very helpful tool to assist in personal retreats.
  • Bible gateway   Very powerful Bible study tool.
  •  Encouragement for your Christian walk.
  • Crosswalk  Encouragement, study tools and Bible study and commentary.
  •  Free internet Bible study tool.
  •  Bible study and research tool.
  • Christian Research Institute  Christian research and statistics.
  • Barna Research Group  Christian research and statistics.
  • Run Hard – Rest Well  Run Hard – Rest Well is a ministry dedicated to making the rhythms of rest compelling, accessible and relevant for Christians. Run Hard – Rest Well is a fantastic networking resource providing encouragement and tools in your deepening walk with God
  • Spirit Led Living  Spirit Led Living, hosted by Ron Meyer, is a weekly radio program encouraging people to go deeper with God. Ron believes in the work of REST Ministries and fully supports the work of the ministry with his radio broadcasts! You can be encouraged to live a
  • Christianity Today  Great resource for up to date articles on all types of Christian interest subjects.
  • Pray Magazine  Articles of encouragement.
  • Rainbow Christian Camp  Great camp for youth…very mission minded and Bible based.
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