Internship & Volunteer Opportunities

REST Ministries Internship Opportunities

A ministry always has more work than hours and people to do the work…REST Ministries is no exception. Has the mission and work of REST Ministries struck a chord deep within you? Are you looking for a place to use the gifts and talents God has so generously gifted you with?

Maybe a REST Ministries Internship is just what God has been preparing you for! Three month or six month internships are available with REST Ministries, Inc. Internships allow you to learn all aspects of ministry…and we will be right up front with you, some facets of ministry are great fun and very rewarding, while others…others build patience! It is a fact though…the reward of ministry is GREAT!

For more information REST internships or to request an internship application, contact REST Ministries….we can use you!

REST Ministries volunteer opportunities

REST Ministries also has many great volunteer opportunities from the couple that has 3 months to get away and minister or the small group that wants a group activity for an afternoon to the group that wants to host a quarterly fundraiser and support the ministry financially and with prayer…we can certainly use you! Your volunteer partnership is an amazing asset to REST Ministries!

There are endless opportunities to volunteer…many of which you may never have considered…contact us for opportunities and ideas for how you may assist the work or REST Ministries!