About Us

Our Mission

REST Ministries exists to encourage and equip adults to take their next step with God.

REST is an acronym for Restore, Encourage, Shepherd and Train. Our goal is for the work of our ministry and our lives to be conducted in such a way that could only possibly be explained through the divine intervention of God!

What we believe

The Bible is God-inspired, living and active and 100% true. It is the authoritative guide for our lives.

The one true and living God eternally co-exists as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Jesus is the Son of God, who lived a sinless life on earth. He was killed and came back to life for the forgiveness of our sins. Believing in Jesus is the only way that man will have salvation and eternal life.

Christ followers should daily strive for a more intimate relationship with God. They are called to actively imitate Him with their lives, striving to be holy and therefore making a difference in the lives of those around them, just as Jesus did.

Our Journey

In 2002, our lives changed dramatically. Born out of a forty day fast seeking a spiritual revival in our lives, God took us in a very different direction than we expected! God called us into a ministry to assist others to also seek spiritual revival and renewal in their lives; God wanted us to come along side others to encourage and equip them in seeking intimacy with Him.

Long story short – Jehovah Jireh, the God Who Provides, called us to trust Him; walk away from all we knew and all we found comfort in! Just as Jesus called the disciples, we felt God bidding, “Come, follow Me!” The years since 2002 have been a fantastic chapter in the journey, a journey that required we “hang on for the ride!”

The most amazing thing we want you to see is where God guides, He provides. We can’t take credit for any of this; it is WAY bigger than us…it’s a God thing! REST Ministries exists today because God called, we responded, and He provided.

God has a fantastic journey planned for you too! Let REST Ministries help you learn to listen…to seek God and then to respond to His beckon. Get ready and hang on for the journey of your life!

Chuck & Becka Lehman
REST Ministries, Inc.